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How do I manage my privacy preferences?

To manage all your privacy preferences, just say “Privacy” into your voice remote or go to Settings > Privacy on your TV.


XClass TV’s privacy preferences include:


Watch history, which allows apps to share information about what you watch with XClass TV

• Show recommendations, which gives you personalized suggestions based on shows and movies you’ve watched

• Show personalized ads, which lets you choose whether you’d like to see personalized ads in third party apps based on data shared by XClass TV

• Reset advertising ID, which lets you reset the unique identifier that helps enable personalized ads and can be used to track which ads are displayed

• Clear cookies and app data, which lets you delete cookies and local data stored on the TV associated with your TV’s third-party apps, which may include sign-in information


For more information on all your TV’s privacy features, read the XClass TV user manual.



Can I manage my privacy preferences in my XClass TV account?

You can change two privacy preferences after signing into your XClass TV account: Show personalized ads and Reset advertising IDTo update those preferences, first sign into your XClass TV account, then go to Privacy settings in Account.


Note: Changing your privacy preferences on one TV or on your XClass TV account will change the privacy preferences on all the TVs linked to your account.


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